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Digital Transformation

Confucius said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  Digital Transformation is that mountain for your organization to move.  It's complex and challenging, and there are many ways to fail.

The scale and complexity of changing a department that has done one thing, one way for so many years, and completely rethinking and redeploying a digital version of that capability requires expertise in several areas including planning, technology, process improvement, leadership, strategy development, communication and governance.

With Stephens Insight Group, we'll work with you and your teams, at your pace, to take a step-by-step approach.  Setting the vision, breaking down the work, onboarding new technologies and processes, delivering incremental value, and communicating transformation as it's happening is what we are passionate about.  Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's define what we mean when we say, 'Digital Transformation', and then we'll describe some of the services we provide.

Defining Digital Transformation

Michael Krigsman, a Senior Partner from McKinsey described Digital Transformation as meaning two things at the highest level, “1) transforming the core, which is taking what we do today and leveraging technology to do it better, faster, cheaper, more effectively.  And, we talk about 2) new business building, which is stepping out of the core and creating something that didn't exist.”[1]

In short, Digital Transformation is two things: using new technology to improve existing capabilities and to create new value.

Digital Transformation Services

  • Cloud Strategy Development - Cloud First, Cloud Smart, Cloud Specific
  • Cloud Selection - AWS, Azure, GCP, OnPremise, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud
  • Tool/Technology Selection - Managed Services, ETL, BI, Data Science, Coding, PaaS
  • Innovation and Idea Generation - Green-Field Thinking, Innovation Safe-Space, Fail-Fast
  • Business Case Development - Lean Business Case, Custom
  • Strategic Planning - Scaled Agile's Portfolio SAFe and Lean Portfolio Management
  • Work break-down - Scaled Agile's Essential and Solution SAFe
  • Architecture Review and Recommendation - Artifact Drafting and Review, SME Review, Vendor Review
  • Leadership Development & Support - Leadership Training, Servant Leadership, Delegation, Decision-Making, Change Management, Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Clear Presentation, Finance Management, Managing Burnout, Prioritization
  • Program Management - All, In-Part, As-Needed
  • Staff Augmentation & Consultation - Interview and Onboarding Support, Strategic Staffing Partners, Subject Matter Expertise, Vendor Partnering,
  • Scaled Agile Support - SEE Agile Transformation Services
  • Financial Planning - FinOps, Capital Planning, Opex Management
  • CICD/DevOps/DataOps - Planning, Recommendations, Technology Selection, Orchestration, SDLC, DDLC
  • Technology Retirement - Planning, Recommendations & Communication
  • Technology Onboarding - Sequencing & Dependency Management
  • Archive Strategy - Strategy Development, Architecture Review, Business Process Management, Technology Selection
  • Communication - Team, Department, Leadership, Executive Leadership | Presentations, E-mails, All-staffs
  • Upskill Strategy Development - Skillset Gap Identification, Recommendations Sequencing, Role Clarity

Advanced Specialties

  • Data Services - MDM, ETL, Transformation, Modeling, Storage
  • Analytics & BI - Reporting, Visualization
  • Data Sciences - Infrastructure, Environments
  • Decision Support
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Healthcare System
  • Healthcare Payer
  • Health Information Exchange including X12 and HL7

[1] Krigsman, Michael. “Evolving Digital Transformation: McKinsey Presents Its ‘Business Building’ Strategy (CxOTalk Interview).” ZDNet, 29 Jan. 2020, Accessed Dec. 2021.

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